Los Angeles chef Roy Choi would make a claymation teaser for his upcoming restaurant, POT, featuring ramen and hot dogs smoking joints while soaking in a hot tub. The restaurant teaser is currently up on the POT website.

POT will open spring 2014 in the Line Hotel in L.A.’s Koreatown, and Choi will be “doing all the food and beverage at the Line including a lobby bar, a cafe, and a more casual restaurant called Commissary,” reports Eater. POT will most definitely serve Korean hotpots, hopefully involving ingredients like bulgogi, mushrooms, octopus, and kimchi.

Now back to the teaser: There’s a sexy carrot that walks into the hot tub and the noodle exclaims, “Hey chica, you ever been with a noodle?” Also, a mushroom screams “Ay dios mio!” while jumping into the jacuzzi from a roof. Oscar material right here (we’re only kind of joking).

Choi tells Eater over email:

“It was an idea I had about a bunch of strangers and low-lifes meeting near the Salton Sea in a motel and jumping in a hot tub and becoming friends. I don’t know why but I think it was hot pots and weed that made me think of sausages and ramen in a hot jacuzzi. Our creative consultant and the animator were instrumental in evolving the story and bringing it to life.”

Check out some stills of the video below, then check out the full animated teaser here.



[via Eater]