Yesterday, 19-year-old Max Wade was sentenced to life in prison plus 21 years for a list of crimes that include attempted murder and the 2011 theft of celebrity chef Guy Fieri‘s treasured yellow lamborghini, Eater reports.

Fieri’s car was at the mechanic’s when Wade rappelled through the window and took it for a joy ride, reports the Marin Independent Journal.

As the press later found out, Wade purportedly stole Fieri’s car as an attempt to impress a girl. Which, by the way, is overkill. No girl wants that—except maybe if she’s a huge fan of Triple D.

The story continued to escalate: once Fieri’s car was found in locked storage unit, Wade was sent to juvy. Eater reports that on his 18th birthday, Wade’s friends tried and failed to break him out.

Those inside the court said Wade showed “little emotion” when he learned his fate. Detective Greg Garrett told the press, “He doesn’t seem to be very remorseful about it at all. It is kind of sad for somebody who’s 19-years-old and did this to be looking at this incredible prison sentence. But I mean, he definitely planned it out very carefully. And, as the D.A. pointed out, much more carefully than many of the adult offenders that we’ve seen.”

Did Wade deserve life in prison? Tell us what you think.

A photo of criminal Max Wade.

Criminal Max Wade in court.

[via Eater]