Robert, a 23-year-old male from Oakland, Tennessee, has been eating plastic bags since he was seven years old. Since his addiction began, Robert has consumed 60,000 bags, which is enough to cover an entire football field.

Robert believes that different colored bags have different tastes, but tells TLC’s My Strange Addiction that the blue ones are ‘just delicious.’

manRobert is so addicted to eating plastic bags he even steals them from grocery stores to satisfy his cravings.

And sometimes, Robert drives around the neighborhood looking for newspaper bags that have been left outside, and steals the see-through plastic bags on display for fruit and vegetables at the grocery store.

Robert has survived for a day and a half without proper food after gorging on plastic.

But Robert’s fiancee, Ashley, is concerned over his addiction, and wants him to stop before their wedding in six months. Alternatively, they could just serve plastic bags at their wedding? Marriage is all about compromise, right?

Watch a trailer for the My Strange Addiction: Addicted to Eating Plastic Bags episode here, which aired this week on TLC.


In other important news, My Strange Addiction recently featured a woman who is addicted to eating her cat’s hair. She says it makes her feel closer to her cat.


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