How can you go wrong with gooey, satisfying chicken parmigiana? Fried chicken cutlets, melted mozzarella cheese, and marinara on a roll or on a plate is the ultimate Italian-American soul food. Chicken parm can be something portable to walk with if you get it from your local pizzeria or sub shop (try Faicco’s in NYC), or you can sit down with a fork and knife and attempt to tackle the behemoth iteration at Quality Italian. With a few leaves of basil—as is tradition at Parm in SoHo—the dish evokes the flag of its country of origin.

Hopefully, you’re near to an Italian-American sandwich shop so you can go H.A.M. on a chicken parm for lunch today. It is imperative that you beat the cold by getting in touch with your inner Italian grandmother.

Click through the slideshow for alluring pictures of chicken parm.

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