Chili pairs well with football, and absolutely nothing beats a steaming bowl of chili topped with melted cheese and diced onions on a cold winter day. We love chili variations from all over the country, including the stick-to-your ribs Texas-style chili at Daisy May’s BBQ in NYC, and the tripe chili—served with radish, cilantro, lime, Mexican crema, and a bag of Fritos—from Brooklyn Star. We also love Cincinnati-style chili served over spaghetti, and chili-topped french fries and hot dogs. And sometimes, there’s just nothing better than slow cooking a big pot of chili at home.

There’s a great big world of fantastic chili out there. So if you’re looking to warm up, get up from your desk, find the closest bowl of chili to you, and go H.A.M.

Click through the slideshow for pictures of the illest chili on the planet.

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