The chicken biscuit sandwich tops our list of glorious portable foods. Really, what’s better than juicy fried chicken sandwiched between tender and flaky biscuits, elevated with a swath of salty butter? We love chicken biscuits that come from all over the country, including the Cajun Filet Biscuit at Bojangles’, the chicken biscuit slathered with honey butter and hot sauce at Pies ‘n’ Thighs in Brooklyn, the version with sauce a l’orange from NYC newcomer Empire Biscuit—not to mention the over-the-top Reggie Deluxe chicken biscuit sandwich with bacon, cheese, gravy, and a fried egg at Pine State Biscuits in Oregon.

There’s a great big world of fantastic chicken biscuits out there. So if you’re looking for some lunch inspiration, get up from your desk, find the closest chicken biscuit to you, and go H.A.M.

Click through the slideshow for alluring pictures of fried chicken between flaky biscuits.

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