When Lay’s launched it’s #DoUsAFlavor campaign to crowd-source the next great chip variety, it was pretty much written in the starts that it would be heavily trolled by jokers on the Internet offering ridiculous (and inappropriate) suggestions. Way back in September, a Tumblr user had some fun with brand’s online potato-chip generator, creating varieties like “Crying at the Job Interview” and Cat Hair Bisque.” Sadly, his genius work was taken down, but now Twitter has taken up the charge—led, notably, by supermodel/Twitter legend Chrissy Teigen.

Here’s what Teigen did when she discovered the potato-chip generator:




Some of her followers joined the fun:






And it turns out some other folks had the same idea as well:





Thanks, Internet—you done good. Though it’s worth noting that there have been some legitimately good ideas as well, like taquitos and cheese fries.