Jon Stewart has been known to take his pizza politics very seriously. If he wasn’t scorning Donald Trump for layering his pizza and eating it with a fork, he was claiming Chicago pizza was “a marinara swimming pool for rats.” The target of his latest pizza rant was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was caught eating pizza with a fork and knife.

A couple months back, people were able to forgive de Blasio for citing the Boston Red Sox as his favorite team, but this time he took it too far. Stewart was not alone in his outrage, and many people did not take this betrayal lightly. Stewart points out, “you’re a man of the people, eat like one.”

Jon Stewart’s reaction is a bit over-the-top, we must admit, and many people—including NYT critic Pete Wells and food writer Robert Sietsema—are defending de Blasio’s technique:

[via The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]

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