This morning, Ali Hill tweeted the above picture of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander walking into Tom’s Restaurant, the Upper West Side diner whose exterior was known to Seinfeld fans as Monk’s. Jason Alexander looks perfect in his George Costanza-esque jacket, and Jerry just looks like the Jerry we all know and love.

Ethan Wu also tweeted, “Just saw Seinfeld and Costanza go into Tom’s #casual”

Rumor has it that the pair might be filming an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee inside Tom’s.

Gothamist’s Ben Yakas confirms that Tom’s is “closed for a few hours and there are cables running into the restaurant, which has its shades down.” He also points out that there are cameras inside the diner, and a film gear container which says “Comedians,” suggesting that this is part of Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee web series.

Tom’s has been a neighborhood institution on Broadway and West 112th St since the 1940s.

Now, either watch this Seinfeld scene at Monk’s below, or book it to the Upper West Side to see if you can spot the two comedians.

[via Gothamist]