The latest insane Frito Lay snack flavor to come out of Japan is a limited-edition Mountain Dew Cheetos snacks. According to one reviewer, they taste like “sweet lemon lime chips.” We’re in.

Now, like anyone who likes weird snack foods, we immediately dropped what we were doing when we heard this news and figured out where we can cop some Mountain Dew Cheetos of our own. Turns out, it’s easier to get stuff shipped from Japan than we though (thanks, globalism).

All you have to do is head to, where you can order MD Cheetos for $3.50 a pop. Shipping’s a whole other story (pricing details below). But as a wise man once told me: when you can get weird Japanese Cheetos shipped to your door, you don’t think about cost, you just do it.

Shipping details from

Shipping details from

[via Brand Eating]

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