Aussie burger shop Goodtime Burgers has created a (to some disgusting, to some innovative) advertisement featuring a patty sandwiched between a woman’s buttocks with the tagline “The freshest fun between the buns.”

The ad appeared in December’s issue of Bondi community magazine The Beast to promote the opening of a new Bondi Junction store, with the owner saying staff at the publication approved the ad before it ran.

Because some people are no fun at all, the bumburger ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Board. One complainant wrote “the woman’s body and private parts are objectified as something for people (probably men) to consume”, but the firm defended itself saying the intention was not to objectify women, but to be a “play on words” over the word buns.

In their defence to the ASB, the firm said the model’s gender was not predominant and the subject could easily have been male without changing the meaning of the ad.

In it’s determination, the board said:

“The Board considered that, although the advertiser intended the image to be a humorous depiction, the close up image of the woman’s bottom and the portrayal of her bottom as a burger likened the woman to a piece of meat or object for consumption and objectified women. The Board also considered that this depiction of a woman as a burger is exploitative of women and degrading.”

Does this mean PETA has to stop advertising as well?…



[via Mumbrella, The Guardian]