The farmer selfie, a.k.a. #felfie, has gone viral in the last few months, and we can’t be happier. #Felfies consist of farmers posing with adorable farm animals, from goats to piglets to lambs.

Modern Farmer reports that the phenomenon seems to have started with William Wilson, a farmer’s son from the UK, who noticed a contest for farmer selfies in the Irish Farmer Journal. He started, which helped create the hashtag “felfie.” And so it goes.

What many don’t realize is, farming is a very social media-savvy industry—especially with farmers selling to the locavore crowd. Modern Farmer points out, “farmers (like just about everybody else) have realized that selling their products is dependent on selling themselves.” Thank god, because we sure are obsessed with #felfies.

Here are some of our absolute favorite farmer selfies—featuring adorable animals from piglets to lambs.