This breast-shaped spud was found by amused workers at Farndon Fields Farm Shop in Leicestershire, England while they were grading their potatoes.

The shop’s owner and an ambassador for the Potato Council, Kevin Stokes, said he is looking into the best way to preserve the ‘hilarious’ tuber, which he claims is the strangest he has harvested during 30 years in the industry, reports The Leicester Mercury.

The farm shop’s marketing manager Nicola Stokes says it’s “the breast example she’s seen in a long time” of an odd-shaped tuber.

Ms. Stokes said, “Kevin the managing director brought it into the office and everyone fell around laughing. He’d been sorting the potatoes which had been harvested and found this. It was hilarious.”

The farmers have a long-term plan to pickle it in order to preserve the potato for as long as possible. For now, it is being kept in a dark drawer.

Ms. Stokes said, “We might use it to promote a Breast Cancer campaign or something. It would be nice to do something productive with it.”

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