New studies claim that a diet heavy in salt, sugar, oils, and fats is not only bad for humans but is physically and mentally hurting our pooches, reports The Guardian.

Thankfully, former pet-industry nutritionist David Jackson has just launched, a website that analyses what’s in the food you’re feeding your pup. Apparently, run-of-the mill tins, packets, and pouches produced by dog-food companies mostly contain unhealthy additives that cause health and behavior problems from obesity to hyperactivity.

There’s even a documentary that will come out later this month revealing the nasty secrets inside pet food cans.

Pet owners are getting seriously worried—so they have started BARF-ing, a.k.a. feeding their mutts the beautifully acronymed Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet. The Guardian reports:

“The Barf diet, based on a mixture of raw meat, bones, fruit and vegetables, is designed to mimic what dogs would naturally eat in the wild. Advocates claim a wide range of canine health benefits and I can proudly boast a halitosis-free hound, as well other pleasing side effects.”

In other news, sales of dog birthday cakes are booming, according to Cheryl Alford, owner of UK-based The Dogs Cake Bakery. She can’t keep up with orders for her gourmet dog cakes, made from wholemeal flour, free-range eggs, oil and honey, with no added sugar or chemicals.

Her cakes are priced from £16 to £36—but her customers are more than happy to pay the price if it means the well-being of their pup. Check out a few Dogs Cake Bakery cakes below:

cookie marlz HBD[via The Guardian, BARF World]