The Disney empire represents America and all that is wrong with it. Or, wait, maybe it’s the happiest place on earth? We get confused sometimes.

Either way, we are slightly intrigued by Disney’s latest hustle: vendors of enormous smoked turkey legs. Disney World took the foodstuff from a single stand in Frontierland in the ’80s to a two-million-dollar-a-year industry being sold at all its commercial attractions. In addition to the legs, there is merchandising: clothing advertising turkey legs, oven mitts, and Rice Krispie treats shaped like drumsticks—among other articles of overpriced ephemera.

The turkey legs are taken from 50 pound males, or toms, which are different than the hens we eat at Thanksgiving. According to this Op-Ed in the New York Times, written by president of United Poultry Concerns Karen Davis, the birds reach this enormous size by being force-fed to the point that their huge, sturdy legs can’t support their massive girth.

Did we mention the turkey legs sold at Disney World have inspired an Internet fad? Yes, it’s based around people taking selfies in the theme park as they gorge on overpriced, oversized turkey legs like carnivorous cave men. In a way, this turkey leg at Disney World selfie phenomenon is beautiful—a perfect storm of narcissism, gluttony, and Mickey Mouse.

[via The Daily Dot]