Recently, we stumbled across the brilliant Tumblr ‘Dimly Lit Meals for One,’ which features user-submitted snapshots of the embarrassing things you eat in your apartment when no one’s watching.

The site’s tagline is “Heartbreaking images of one man’s home cooking gone wrong.” Incredible. Also, the site’s author comments wittily on each and every struggle plate, with descriptions like, “Dog spunk on rocket and a potato waffle. I like your dodgy wrap of sauce, it looks like you’ve bought it from a bloke in Camden.”

What’s more, the tags are spot-on. The tags on a recent ramen noodle post included #foodpoverty and #crushingmundanity. We just can’t.

Click through the gallery to see our favorite dimly lit meals, then visit the site.

All images courtesy of Dimly Lit Meals for One.

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