There’s a long history of foods named after professional athletes. And now, you can order a sushi roll named after DeMarcus Cousins at Sacramento’s Mikuni Sushi.

The roll is listed as the “DMC Roll” on the menu, and is priced at $15 because Cousins wears No. 15. The roll includes tempura lobster, white tuna, avocado, and crab mix. Oh yeah, and it comes with a huge-ass lobster tail #insane.

Photo: Queen City Hoops

Photo: Queen City Hoops

Cowbell Kingdom has the scoop on the origins of the roll: “After finding out Cousins wasn’t one of the leading vote-getters following recent returns on All-Star balloting, Taro Arai, Mikuni restaurants’ head chef, felt compelled to assist.”


“Of course I wanted to do anything to put the Sacramento Kings on the map,” Arai told Cowbell Kingdom. “I had heard that he’s not one of the top centers [for the All-Star Game] and I said ‘You gotta be kidding me!’

“So me and Andrew (Rogers, Cousins’ business manager), we start talking about it,” Arai added. “And I told him let’s just do a DeMarcus roll.”


The roll has been a big hit since it debuted on Mikuni’s menu just a few weeks ago. One of eight Mikuni Sushi restaurants sold around 100 orders of it yesterday, according to Arai, and the popularity has caused him to consider making it a permanent fixture on the menu.

For now, the DMC Roll can be had at all eight Mikuni restaurants in the greater Sacramento area until Jan 20.

In other news, a Seattle butcher has created an…um…unique sausage recipe, inspired by Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, aka “Beast Mode.” The spicy pork sausage is infused with Marshawn Lynch’s favorite sideline treat—Skittles.

We thought a fried lobster-crab-avocado roll was disturbing, but this Skittles sausage is simply next-level gross.

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