Chipotle is following up its viral “Scarecrow” ad with an online series, Farmed and Dangerous, that will air on Hulu next month. The four scripted 30-minute episodes will point a satirical lens at the industrial food system. After watching the trailer (above), we can’t help but see obvious stylistic appropriation from such shows as Homeland and The Blacklist, only with more exploding cows.

Daniel Rosenberg, who’s company produced the series, told the NY Times that “Farmed and Dangerous is meant to strike large emotional chords—it’s not about selling burritos.” How noble. Mr. Rosenberg was an executive producer on the film Inside Man.

Bryan Thoensen, a Hulu executive, described Farmed and Dangerous as “an example of the longed-for convergence of the advertising industry and Hollywood, with ‘brands as studios.'”

Watch the “Farmed and Dangerous” trailer above. The series will premiere on Hulu on February 17.

Photo: Hulu

Photo: Hulu

[via The New York Times]

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