Everybody loves bacon, but one resident of the central Chinese city of Wuhan has taken it too far.

A series of photos of an apartment facade, draped entirely with pork belly strips, appeared on IFeng News with a caption stating that neighbors can only imagine the apartment’s owner must have killed a lot of pigs. Unsurprisingly, pictures of the bacon apartment quickly went viral.


BuzzFeed gets to the bottom of the first online bacon apartment appearance: “On January 20, Weibo user @hdj0428 snapped these photos of bacon curtains on Wuhan City’s Lumo Road. ‘Frightened me out of my gourd,’ she wrote. ‘So this is how the elite guard their apartments against thieves!'”

And so the #NouveauRicheBaconDrier became a trending topic on Weibo, with people commenting on whether or not drying large quantities of pork on your balcony was acceptable.


People Who Should Live in This Bacon-partment


People Who Actually Live in This Bacon-partment

…The person who owns the restaurant downstairs.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese bacon is prepared differently than Western-style bacon. Grace Young, author of The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen, tells Fox News that Chinese bacon must be hung outside in the winter.

“Chinese Bacon is air-dried and you must wait until the twelfth lunar month,” she writes. “Around January in our calendar, when the north wind (buck fung) is strong so that the lop yok [bacon] will have the ‘fragrance from the wind.’”

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