What’s the gayest dessert you can imagine?

Last week at an LGBT panel held by Distinc.tt, a gay-friendly dating app, discussion turned to the places where the gay community and food industry come together. The Huffington Post reports that many panelists felt that gays have not made as much progress in the culinary industry as they should. Below, a video of the full panel.

In response, Distinc.tt has announced the first ever “Gayest Dessert Contest.” The judge panel includes Anita Lo (of “Iron Chef America” and “Top Chef Masters”), Bret Thorn (Nation’s Restaurant News), and Zac Young (“Top Chef Just Desserts” and David Burke Group). All judges are prominent members of the gay community.

At the end of February, the judges panel will chose top 10 finalists. The winner will be featured in THE OUT HOTEL’s KTCHN spring menu and featured on the Distinc.tt website.

We think the contest is a fantastic idea to address weaknesses within the culinary industry. Women have addressed the issue of the “boys’ club” kitchen mentality, and now the gay community is stepping up. We will be following the contest on Instagram, hoping to see creativity and color. And maybe a cake shaped like RuPaul’s hair.

So, what exactly makes a dessert “gay”? According to the website, a gay dessert is:

  • “Fitness Friendly: Who says dessert has to be unhealthy? Is there a great dessert that would actually get eaten in a Fire Island share house?”
  • “Conceptual: The name of the dessert, its ingredients, and its presentation can bring in humor (tastefully), politics, or cultural references.”
  • “Just Plain Fabulous: Drama, excitement, and sparkle! Too much is not enough, so it can be over the top. Sing out, Louise!”


Read complete details and rules here.

Follow Distinc.tt on Facebook and post a picture of your creation, with the hashtag #gayestdessertcontest

Email additional photos of your creation, including name, recipe, and an optional brief (2-3 sentences) explanation or statement to GayestDessert@distinc.tt.

Submission deadline is February 16, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

Good luck, and may the gay be with you!

[via Huffington Post]