The Food is the New Rock podcast’s most recent guest was comedian/singer/sushi fiend Andy Milonakis. He goes on a pretty amazing sushi rant, calling L.A.’s Nozawa overrated, and saying fuck you to everybody who likes super popular L.A. chain Sugarfish. He also says that being on stage with Three Loco gets him laid far more than his cooking, or even being on MTV. Oh yeah, and there’s a bit on the legendary Ricky’s Fish Tacos in L.A. Here are just a few highlights from Andy Milonakis’ Food Is The New Rock podcast:

  • New York has better sushi than L.A. right now…L.A. sushi is like suffering right now. Nishimora, my favorite place, closed. Nozawa to me was way overrated—he rushes you, he gives you two big pieces; he gives you a fucking heaping bowl of albacore tuna to start. Fuck everybody who loves Nozawa, I think it’s way overrated. And fuck Sugarfish….The best one that’s left is Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo. When your in the mood to ball out, go there sit at the table and just get omakase. Because the quality of the stuff, and the type of fish they give you, is way better. They give you huge fucking chunks of toro, really good uni….Besides Sushi Gen, I’m struggling.”
  • “I hate minty gum. Like, people—I look at them weird—like I’m about to go eat sushi and I’m about to have the best meal of my life, and someone offers me a piece of mint gum two minutes before I’m about to walk into the sushi place and I’m like, ‘You guys are crazy, you guys are just fucking up your taste buds before you’re about to eat something amazing. I don’t want your shitty minty gum. I don’t want that minty flavor in my mouth for three hours.’ So I’m like, fuck mint gum.”
  • “I didn’t know that Gray’s Papaya closed, but that sucks. You just ruined my dreams. Now you’re going to tell me Santa Clause isn’t real.”

In terms of L.A. sushi, Milonakis does love Urasawa. Milonakis’ favorite NYC spots include: Kurumazushi, Ushiwakamaru, and Sushi Nakazawa.

Stream the entire Food is the New Rock podcast here.

[via Food is the New Rock]