The Wine Condom is the unfortunately named invention of 20-year-old Mitch Strahan and his stand up comedian single mother, Laura Bartlett.

Strahan describes the disposable wine bottle stopper as “a rubber gadget gizmo, sent down from the heavens to protect wine.” Once you take a look at the video below and take note of the kid’s skeezy mustache, you will understand how this phrase came out of his mouth.

Folks have already pledged $800 on the Wine Condom’s Kickstarter page (of the $7,500 goal).

More about Wine Condoms, in case you’re looking to buy:

  • Each WINE CONDOM package contains 10 individual condoms
  • Each WINE CONDOM is made of 100% rubber
  • Each WINE CONDOM is designed to be disposable after 1-2 uses.
  • Each WINE CONDOM package comes with a resealable pouch
  • Each WINE CONDOM is adaptable and can be used on beer and soda bottles in addition to wine

Below is a break down of how to use the wine condom, which—funnily enough—operates just like a normal condom you would use on a man’s genitalia.