Luxury website Very First To has defined the most spectacular Christmas gift, assuming your loved ones like pudding that costs mad dough. The site is selling the world’s most expensive Christmas pudding for £23,000 (that’s over $37,000).

The pudding’s creator, Martin Chiffers—who was once Executive Pastry Chef at The Savoy in London—is responsible for the dessert’s insane price tag.

Chiffers will glaze the pudding with Duret 1810 cognac, worth £10,890 (over $17,000). It’s especially rare because very little cognac dates pre-1872, according to AOL Money. “During 1872-1874, all the cognac vines were destroyed by the dreaded Phylloxera Vastatrix louse, a tiny yellow mite, which feasts off the roots of vines. It means that cognacs made before this time are highly desirable.”

The buyer will decide how much booze goes on the pudding, and will receive the rest of the bottle with his or her delivery.

Still not worth $37,000? The pudding comes with a gold Henry VI Salut d’Or coin worth £7,500. The coin, straight out of an expert collector’s vault, features the Angel Gabriel and Mary on one side, with the Latin cross on the other.

Christmas pudding is a traditional British holiday staple. It’s made from dried fruits and treacle, which give it a dark, sticky consistency. While making the pudding, each member of the family takes a turn stirring it and makes a Christmas wish. When finished, a brandy or cognac glaze is poured on top, then set on fire. Traditions are great and all, but we’re pretty sure your grandma’s cheap-ass pudding recipe doesn’t involve baller $37,000 cognac.

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