Last night, news broke that the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory in Los Angeles has been ordered to halt shipping until January. As expected, people are already gearing up for the #SrirachaApocalypse by hoarding bottles, trying out homemade Sriracha recipes, and buying overpriced Sriracha on eBay—soon, there will likely be Sriracha-induced rioting in the streets.

How could this have happened? The L.A. Times reports that the California Department of Health is enforcing a 30-day hold on the company’s products because the ingredients in their sauces are uncooked. Huy Fong foods expects to resume shipments as normal in mid-January, once the 30-day period expires. However, this is terrible news for distributors who buy from the factory and sell it to restaurants and stores.

Huy Fong Foods has really been in deep shit as of late: This fall, a judge in L.A. ruled that the the Sriracha factory must be partially shut down due to “offensive” odors. We say, give the wonderful men and women behind the nation’s favorite new hot sauce a break already!

But with any travesty comes an onslaught of amazing reactionary tweets. The publics’ reaction to the impending Sriracha shortage on Twitter has been a mixed bag of bonafide desperation and opportunistic jokes.

Click through the gallery to see the best tweets about the coming of the Sriracha Apocalypse.

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