New parents, don’t fret: If you know how to wrap a burrito, you know how to swaddle a baby.

And with the Tortilla Baby™, a tortilla swaddle blanket and matching hat from Bon Vivant Baby, you can now wrap your baby to look just like a delicious burrito. This tortilla baby blanket makes perfect sense, given that there’s a weird comparison that is often made between food and small children.

We advise all parents with newborns to dress their babies as burritos then take pictures of their little one and post them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media outlets.

The 40″ round blanket is designed to resemble an actual flour tortilla, both in texture and shape.


Each Tortilla Baby™ also comes in packaging inspired by real tortilla packaging.


And on the back of the package there is a 4-step “Burrito Roll” recipe, in case your burrito rolling skills are rusty.


[via Incredible Things]

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