Carles Tejedorthe Spanish chef who spent years in charge of the kitchen at Barcelona’s Via Veneto, then started an experimental laboratory called Oilab—teams up with Harvard Science & Cooking to show the physiological responses that occur when we eat foods with different tastes and textures.

The experiment begins with the chef’s signature olive oil gummy, then continues with an “acidic” gummy. The acidic gummy results in the taster secreting tears and their eye muscles contracting (due to “frowning, understanding the flavors, and saving information”). The “rubbery” taste elicits sweat, the “crunchy” food results in flared nostrils and tensing of muscles, and whatever is in “liquid” concludes with its taster (Tejedor himself) in tears.

Watch the video above to witness our body’s physiological responses to different foods.

[via Vimeo, Eater]