Are you not a fan of caffeinated beverages but crave the caffeine they provide? San Franciscan entrepreneurs Deven Soni and Ben Yu are here to help.

The two have developed a sprayable form of caffeine called “Sprayable Energy” that is meant to be applied like perfume—two spritzes on either side of the neck. The sprayable caffeine solution is absorbed through the skin, giving the user a gradual energy boost. And there’s no need to worry about smelling strange, because the squirts are odorless and dry almost instantly.

Sounds crazy? Apparently it seems perfectly sane to a lot of people, considering Sprayable Energy has already pre-sold $200,000 worth of product, though it has not shipped any yet. The little canisters cost $15 and supply 40 doses. Hold on while we do the math… that’s the equivalent of a .38 cent cup of coffee. For the amount of money we spend on coffee, this is starting to sound less crazy. Mr. Soni said that he expected to start shipping this month and that he also planned to run tests in major retailers in the first quarter of 2014.

Though we do love sipping on a good cappuccino or cortado, this product definitely has it’s perks. It is cost effective, and provides a good alternative to chemical-packed energy drinks and coffee-stained teeth. Also, if you adopt Sprayable Energy into your morning routine, you will never have to repeat your name to a Starbuck’s employee ever again.

Here’s a how-to video from the Sprayable Energy website:

[via NYT]