So there’s one person left to shop for on your Christmas list, and that person doesn’t like White Castle, they live for White Castle.

This person would eat White Castle sliders 24/7, so why not help them satisfy that slider craving with the glorious smell of a burger-scented White Castle candle? With this burger-scented candle, you can feel like you’re surrounded by a spread of sliders long after you’re done with your meal. It also provides the perfect lighting for those close encounters that are just between a man and his slider.

Any candle-enthusiast is the perfect recipient for this gift, too; you can rest assured that a burger candle won’t already be among their collection. And if you’ve already got your Christmas gifts covered—you annoyingly organized person, you—why not buy it for yourself? You know you want to try bathing your house in the smell of burgers.

If you really need another reason to buy this champion of candles, know that all of the proceeds from its sales will be donated to Autism Speaks. Head over to the White Castle Promo Shop to buy up as many White Castle candles as you can for $15 a pop.

[via Huff Post]