It’s coming. Your entire extended family is about to descend upon you in the midst of mountains of holiday food: ham, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, casseroles, salad, bread, dessert. You better be prepared when the time comes to embrace a take-no-prisoners Christmas spirit of getting all the food you want and more at the buffet.

For inspiration, watch the brave dining warriors of the Seaport Buffet in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn in the video above. On their all-you-can-eat battle ground, the patrons aren’t afraid to give Santa a little help when it comes to knowing what they want, which in this case is heaping platefuls of crab legs.

Observe their strategies as they enter the crab leg war and apply them to your upcoming Christmas feeding frenzy. Learn from them: Don’t be afraid to assert yourself into an ideal food-acquiring position. Know what you want and put yourself right on top of it; throw some elbows if you must. Then, when the time comes, tong, scoop, or fork food onto your plate like a fiend, because, hey, it’s Christmas, the prime time to hoard way more stuff then you need.

Check out these videos of even more crab-leg warriors who aren’t afraid to get after it at dinner.

[via Gothamist]