Tokyo-based illustrator and graphic designer Kimiaki Yaegashi creates inspired works of pizza pop art. Serious Eats’ pizza blog, Slice, writes: “Born in 1972 in Iwate, Japan, Kimiaki’s career began in the late ’90s. Most of his work involves similar motifs (Japanese folklore and pizza, mainly), and feature a set of recurring characters—bikini girls, kappa, tiny tengu, and Kentaro.”

We want to hang these pizza graphics in our bathroom, above our bed, on the side of our pizza oven—basically we want to be surrounded by these all day erryday. And if you haven’t yet gotten everyone in your crew presents for the holidays, you should obviously gift them pizza graphics. You can buy the pieces on Thumbtack Press.

Click through the gallery to see Kimiaki Yaegashi awesome pizza pop art.

[via Slice]