You know that feeling of relief and joy you get when you blow through a toll booth with an EZ-Pass? Well, the iDriveThru is bringing that joy right to the drive-through line, allowing you to pay for your fast food even faster.

The iDriveThru technology is simple: just register the toll tag you already have on your car, link it to your credit card, and the iDriveThru will scan your tag and charge your card. That’s right, just roll on past that first payment window without having to awkwardly extract your wallet from your back pocket. Plus, at participating Wendy’s chains, you also get reward points for every dollar you spend, working you towards a $5 coupon.

Right now, five Wendy’s locations on Staten Island are the only innovative payment pioneers testing out iDriveThru. Although, we suspect this technology is going to grow and hit it off with everyone trying to order a fast food feast-for-one as anonymously and quickly as possible.

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