Takashi—a popular grill-your-own-meat Japanese restaurant in NYC’s West Village—has just announced (via Facebook) that it will begin serving a secret “late night ramen” starting this Friday, by reservation only.

“We’re all about the cow, so our custom-made noodles lie in a rich beef broth with delicious braised beef-belly and poached egg ($16),” says the restaurant’s Facebook.

This sounds—for lack of a better adjective because we are still too excited—epic. There will be only 30 spots at this Friday’s ramen seating, which will go from 11:30pm-1:30am. You can request a 11:30pm or 12:30am ressie by emailing ramen@takashinyc.com.

This isn’t the first time NYC has seen a late-night ramen emerge from the woodwork—Ushiwakamaru, an acclaimed sushi restaurant in Greenwich Village, serves ramen from midnight until 4am Tuesday through Saturday, and from 5pm-midnight on Sunday. And food writer Francis Lam has recently been tweeting about a mysterious bowl of extraordinary ramen created by chef Justin Smillie at Il Buco.

Will Takashi—a restaurant best known for challenging diners to rethink offal in its purest form—start serving up the city’s best ramen? How will Takashi’s bowl stand up to the noodles at the new Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop? We can only wait patiently until this Friday to find out. Better make those reservations, like, right now.

[via Takashi/Facebook]

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