This eerie art house horror film-like short from The New York Times Magazine features Cate Blanchett, fork and knife in hand, sitting at a table in front of a fish. Before she cuts into the creature, it shifts its eye to look at her. Then, the fish’s eyeball rolls out of its head onto the plate, and Cate smirks.


The actress mutters, “Show me where the bed is, put a blanket over me, and don’t ever let me see you again.” Creepy as hell, if you ask us.

The video is one of 11 artsy short films that the magazine released today, each featuring an über-famous celebrity doing something nonsensical, weird, and wonderful.

Watch the full disturbing video below. Then head on over to The New York Times Magazine to watch Robert Redford slice a loaf of bread and declare he’s never really liked toast.