Washington Square Park hot dog carts are currently awaiting a verdict from the NYC Parks Department that will determine whether or not the hot dog vendors will be able to continue selling in the park, reports the NY Post.

A protest to keep the hot dog vendors took place this Sunday. Protesters aimed to combat a private parks conservancy that initially prompted the hot dog cart banishment. The conservancy was formed by socialite Veronica Bulgari and actor John Leguizamo’s wife, Justine, in order to prevent smelly old hot dog carts from making the park look ugly. (John denies the group’s culpability via Twitter.) The group allegedly claimed that neighbors were complaining about the presence of the hot dog carts and successfully convinced the Parks Department not to renew the vendors’ contracts this December.

But the sausage battle rages on, as the department is reconsidering their decision to ban the vendors. A department spokesman reported:

“We will be assessing the public’s desires for what foods they would like to see . . . as we determine what mobile foods—including hot dogs—may be offered, and where in the park they will be located.”

We (and pro-dog protesters, no doubt) will await the decision while brainstorming analogies for NYC parks without hot dog stands. Kanye without Kim? Rob Ford without crack? Jay Z without kale?

[via NY Post]

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