Jeffery Arthur Feehan stole $71.32 worth of meat (including chicken, bacon, and steak) from a grocery store in Charlottetown, Canada by shoving it down his pants. The grocery store staff captured Feehan, then decided to resell the meat products back to paying customers.

Feehan, 29, appeared before provincial court Chief Judge John Douglas in Charlottetown on Tuesday, where he pleaded guilty to six charges, including stealing from two Superstore grocery stores in Charlottetown, reports The Guardian.

Feehan’s defense lawyer, Thane MacEachern, told the court his client was dealing with addiction issues, which led to the thefts. Crown attorney Valerie Moore said the thefts were characteristic of the current trend of people stealing high-value items to sell in exchanging for drugs.

The meat thief was sentenced to 94 days in jail on top of the 28 he already served while in custody awaiting sentencing. He will also have to pay $200 to the victims of crime fund and will be on probation for 18 months.

Now, back to the part where the grocery store staff RESOLD the crotch meat… The Huffington Post reports that a store manager referred questions about its reselling of crotch-contaminated meat to the corporate media department, which has not yet responded to HuffPo’s press inquiries.

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