Parisian photographer Jonathan Icher has quite the sense of humor. After working professionally for five years, he was ready for a challenge.

Considering the idea of national identity and patriotism, Icher created the tongue-in-cheek series Fat Flag. The series shows models, fully painted as national flags, noshing on that country’s delicacy.

“It was a challenge,” Icher told us via email. “I wanted the models to be beautiful, with food and flag design[s] on their bodies.”

Icher purposefully chose the most stereotypical food item for each country, hoping to create a humorous statement about the nature of culture. He collaborated with Anastasia Parquet, using her unique makeup concepts to remake his models.

[pullquote]”I love to work with stereotypes,” he continues. “I chose the hair and the expressions of the models [to reflect stereotypes]. The models are a kind of a human representation of their country.”[/pullquote]

We’d say that bearded man stuffing his face with a hamburger is the very essence of ‘Murica.

Click through the gallery to see the entire Fat Flag series.

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