Cult food magazine Lucky Peach recently came out with a brilliant three-part video series called Yuletide Yingtime, which explores Lucky Peach Editor in Chief Chris Ying’s “deep, mature, and sensual love for Christmas.” 

The videos follow Ying through Sweden, where he catches up with his buddy Ira Chute of Whole Food’s online food magazine Dark Rye. The two pester Sweden’s best chefs with questions about Christmas and Swedishness. Ying visits an incredible butcher shop to buy Christmas gifts like blood pudding and smoked pig fat. Then, the duo trek out to Jämtland to visit legendary chef Magnus Nilsson at his remote fourteen-seat restaurant, Fäviken.

Watch part one of Yuletide Yingtime above, then catch parts 2 and 3 below. According to the Lucky Peach blog, it is suggested that you “fire up a glass of mulled wine, get cozy in your reindeer slippers, and enjoy.”

Watch “Yuletide Yingtime” (part 2 of 3) below

Watch “Yuletide Yingtime” (part 3 of 3) below

Chris Ying on the magic of Christmas in Stockholm:

“Stockholm in December is picture perfect, like one of those dainty model towns that one finds in suburban living rooms. Snow settles in plump piles on rooftops, lit up by thousands of fairy lights. Every building, from hotels to hospitals, looks warm and inviting. And while I’ve yet to make a pilgrimage to Germanic Europe in December—the real holiday capital of the world—I can’t imagine a more perfect place for a Christmas pervert like myself.”

This man really loves Christmas.

[via Lucky Peach]