When the holiday season rolls around, there’s nothing more hilarious than giving someone a photo of yourself printed on a piece of food. Fact.

If you actually hate the person, you can include a note that says “Eat me!” and everyone will get a good laugh out of it. And if it’s a genuine, non-spiteful gift, the possibilities are endless—you can gift some edible selfies, pictures of your hot dog legs from the summer, or photos of you owling. (Alternatively, you could just get an entire box of cookies printed with Martha Stewart’s revolting food photos).

While ice-cream cake shops used to be the best way to get photos printed on food, the new jam is getting Instagrams turned into treats via text-savvy bakeries and confectionary shops. Here are two that you can order from right now:

Boomf Magic Mallows


This new company turns your favorite Instagram photos into fluffy marshmallows, so the lucky recipient can drop them in a mug of hot chocolate and watch the cocoa slowly eat away at your face. Since Boomf is UK-based, place your Christmas order now—they’ll take up to two weeks to reach the U.S. boomf.com

Baking for Good Snapshot Cookies


The Snapshot Cookies (or “#Instagrahams”) have the same square dimensions as an Instagram shot, so they’re an ideal way to transform your feed into a snack attack. These treats can be turned around quicker than the marshmallows (they require a two-day lead time), and there’s a bonus feel-good element to offset your narcissism: 15% of the net proceeds from every purchase you make goes to a cause of your choice. bakingforgood.com