Weird science and delicious cocktails join forces in one impressive drink, the Ouya. Here’s the Campari and tequila-based Ouya recipe from WIRED, and an accompanying instructional video by Chefsteps that shows how to make it using the “kitchen alchemy” technique of spherification.

The spherification process allows a flavorful liquid to appear as a solid bubble, which bursts as you drink or eat it. A chemical reaction occurs between alginate and calcium ions that allows a gel-like skin to form around the liquid.

Seizing on this technology, you can make a cocktail (and a lot of other stuff) that stands out from the usual holiday party fare and impresses all of your (probably nerdy) friends. You can concoct the Ouya using calcium lactate gluconate, xantham gum, and alginate, to spherify a lip-smacking blend of tequila, campari, and lime juice.

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