Hilarious stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane slapped Pace Picante Salsa across the face over the holiday weekend (via Twitter). Kinane, whose fans include Louis C.K., noticed Sunday afternoon (when he was bored in bed) that Pace favorited his 10-month old Tweet:

Kinane, being the intelligent man that he is, had a little fun with the automated Twitter account, which was obviously not being run by human beings and was favoriting any tweet that mentioned @Pace_Foods.

As Kinane expected, Pace Picante’s Twitter account made a fool of itself by favoriting his amazing insults.


The Twitter ridicule continued for about an hour, and then Pace realized that they were essentially being shitted on by a class-A comedian and responded to Kinane. Obviously, Kinane responded back, claiming victory.

The debauchery continued, as Pace began direct messaging with Kyle Kinane. The comedian tried to blackmail the salsa company into giving him jars of free salsa (we told you he was genius), but Pace was advised by their lawyers not to give in to Kinane’s threats.

Then Pace told Kinane they had sent the Pace salsa employee who had originally direct messaged him on Twitter, named Miles, home early.

The comedian felt responsible, so he created the #BringBackMiles hashtag.

In a turn of events, “Miles” went rogue and started Tweeting from the Pace account. But maybe it wasn’t even really Miles? BRINGBACK

At the end of the debacle, Pace salsa confirmed that Miles would keep his job, and that the company would be deleting their Twitter account. In the battle of comedian vs. corporate salsa company, comedian definitely kicked ass.


If you find Kyle Kinane’s Tweets to Pace Picante hysterical, as you should, head on over to his Twitter account to see the battle in full. 

UPDATE: This afternoon, Kinane tweeted that he had been pranked by comedian Randy Liedtke, who hosts the “Bone Zone” prank podcast. A spokesperson for Campbell’s also confirmed to The Huffington Post that the account “is not a Campbell or Pace Twitter account.” We had a feeling this epic Twitter fiasco was too good to be true. Nevertheless, we definitely peed ourselves this morning reading Kyle’s tweets.

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