Colorado’s Black Bottle Brewery is currently brewing a milk stout steeped with two lbs of Cinnamon Toast Crunch per keg. The brewery started its “Cerealiously” project about four months ago, and its first cereal milk stout was brewed using Golden Grahams. Head brewer Sean Nook tells us that the cereal, no matter if it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Golden Grahams, is introduced to the beer during the secondary fermentation. Nook says each time he brews the popular cereal milk stout, he switches the type of cereal he uses.

The 6.7% ABV stout isn’t available in bottles, so you’ll have to head to Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, or head to one of a few select Colorado bars that have the Cerealiously stout on tap.

Here’s what one reviewer on had to say about the Cerealiously stout:

“Pours a deep reddish appearance with a small brown head. A bit tangy, red fruity, slightly spicy aroma that does smell like cereal. Fairly potent cinnamon, vanilla, graham cracker, chocolate flavor with some zingy fruity notes. Best fucken Captain Crunch beer ever.”

What cereal will Sean choose for the next batch of Cerealiously? Cocoa puffs, Cookie Crisp, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops? The possibilities are endless.

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