Hate it or love it, 2013 was the year of the selfie; Oxford Dictionary is pro-selfie, and so is everybody else (including Obama, apparently). Okay, well maybe not everybody—the rise of the selfie is actually pretty divisive, but it just so happens that a whole lot of celebrity chefs indulge in the trendy Instagram-driven photographic style. And so, as 2014 rapidly approaches, we thought it’d be appropriate to take a look at how this new brand of narcissism has affected the culinary world.

We’ve dug deep into the Instagram accounts of famous chefs (and, ahem, “chefs”) to unearth the 15 finest selfies—sometimes awkward, sometimes awesome, yet always charming in their own special way.

The average age of a celebrity chef is probably around 40-something, so they’re not totally in-tune with the adolescent-dominated art of selfie-taking—but they try. As a result, they can sometimes look like your parents trying to be cool, shakily holding their smart phone in front of their face and not really knowing what to do. There’s no duck-facing, or Snapchat-style expressions—it’s either deadpan or just a bit uncomfortable. But in any event, it’s always incredibly amusing.

Our round-up includes a Combination Andrew Zimmern/Guy Fieri, Mario Batali in drag, Martha Stewart mugging with Letterman, a Jamie Oliver video selfie (next level), and many more.

Pay homage to the word of the year and click through the gallery to see the best celebrity chef selfies on the Internet.