Here’s a weird one from the New York Daily News: Carl McCoy, owner of Williamsburg’s Gwynnett St.—which we named one of our best new restaurants of 2012—has allegedly been busted for his role in a drug operation that involves bringing MDMA (“molly” to the kids) into the U.S. from China.

According the the story, federal agents intercepted a package addressed to McCoy at JFK, opened it up, and found a bunch of “synthetic methylone” inside. They then confronted McCoy and cut a deal with him to wear a wire to his meet with drug dealer Omar Calixto Herrera, who had offered him $1,000 per package. McCoy has admitted that he is in financial trouble and was looking for a way to make some extra cash. He also admitted to using marijuana and cocaine, which is how he knows the dealer who paid him for the molly shipments.

For some reason, the URL on the Daily News piece reads brooklyn-restaurant-owner-busted-crystal-meth-possession-article, which would have been way crazier.

The one thing that’s most plausible here is that when you’re selling Tweezer food in gentrified Brooklyn, you need a side hustle.

UPDATE: As Grub Street points out, this story has been disputed by Gwynnett St., who says McCoy is at work today and the entire story is fabricated. It wouldn’t be the first time a Daily News story was false, and the URL weirdness (and general reference to a lot of different drugs) does suggest a lack of credibility. Let’s hope it is untrue, but that it does inspire an episode of Law & Order.


[via NY Daily News]