In an age when we habitually mute and fast-forward through commercials, it’s easy to lose appreciation for a great ad. That lost appreciation may also be attributed to the fact that TV advertising has changed drastically since the first televised commercials of the late ’40s, when few consumers even had a TV to watch at home. Along the way, we’ve started to lose vintage advertising practices like jingles and lengthy informational speeches, and gained a reliance on bold images and sex appeal. Now, with online marketing becoming a top budgeting priority for advertisers worldwide, watching a vintage commercial becomes a serious blast from the past—and not just because of bizarre products and obsolete celebrity appearances.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collected some of the best retro commercials shilling everything from the still-kickin’ Hardee’s biscuits to the still-nasty-looking Borden’s cottage cheese. Take a break from the in-your-face ads of today and enjoy them in all their simplicity and goofy nostalgia.

Click through the gallery to watch our top picks of awesome retro food commercials.