There’s no shortage of lights and decorations at this time of year, but what about lights made out of baguettes? The Pampshade is like a jack-o’-lantern for carb fanatics, taking fresh-baked loaves and turning them into glowing lamps.

To make the lamps, a hollowed-out loaf is coated with resin, and LED lights are inserted inside. Pampshade creator Yukiko Morita was initially inspired by the shape of French baguettes, saying she wanted “a bread display” in her room so that she could “admire it all the time.” Me too, Yukiko…me too.

While Pampshades are only available in Japan for now, we’re crossing our fingers that these awesome carb-o’-lanterns will make an appearance stateside soon. For now, you can satisfy your Pampshade craving by checking out the gallery of Pampshade options above.

[via Huff Post, Yahoo Voices]