Recently, a law banning “any activity not related to the safe operation of the vehicle” was proposed by New Jersey assemblyman John S. Wisniewski. Last week, the New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee unanimously voted to advance the proposed bill. These soon-to-be-banned “activities” include putting on make-up (makes sense), using your phone (makes sense), and eating while driving (no comment).

If the bill is banned, where, exactly, will we eat our Wawa Hoagies? Heaven is a place on earth when you’re bumpin’ that Bon Jovi munching on a beautiful roast beef hoagie. C’mon, it’s my life, I just wanna live while I’m alive.

And what about Blimpie—the sub shop of all sub shops—which originated in Hoboken? How we’d love to road trip over to the birth place, and buckle an extra large club sandwich into the driver’s seat. We wanna do it our way.

New York Daily News reports that a driver’s first snacking offense will result in a $200-$400 ticket, “subsequent infractions tack on an additional $200 and after the third strike, the driver’s license could be suspended.” Would you risk it? No judgement.

[via VICE, NY Daily News]

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