After showing up to date with Jay looking like a new Halloween costume called “Sexy Pizza” the other day, Queen Bey continued to make it clear that going on a vegan cleanse will not stop her from dressing however the hell she wants—and that means rocking what would appear to be a cow suit to Crossroads Kitchen in L.A.

Fair enough—the fur collar to kick off the #22DaysVegan movement should have tipped us off to the fact that this is about health, not ethics. Still, we hope she continues to dress like various animals and foods all the way through to Christmas, sort of like a Bey-a-Day advent calendar of nonvegan fashionz.

In case you have as little to do as us on a Sunday afternoon, here’s a look at what she and Hov ate at Crossroads. We will continue to stalk her veganism and keep you abreast of any breaking developments.


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