Crystal Greer Brooks was arrested and taken to jail for running over her boyfriend, Santiago Hernandez, three times with a Chevrolet truck last Wednesday. The couple was driving home in Kingsport, Tennessee after spending a day drinking, reports The Independent, when a little after midnight, 33-year-old Brooks demanded that her boyfriend pull into the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Mr. Hernandez refused, so Brooks told him to stop the truck and let her drive. Brooks got in the passenger seat quickly, and Hernandez was left standing in front of the Chevy. According to the police report, writes The Independent,

“Brooks then deliberately drove the vehicle at Mr Hernandez, who fell onto the bonnet and then onto the ground. Brooks then allegedly drove the car over Mr Hernandez another two times.”

This shit is crazy. A woman drove over her boyfriend all for a McDonald’s hamburger and maybe some fries and a McFlurry. We know the offerings at fast food chains are specifically engineered to be addictive, but we had no idea the power a fast food burger actually held over civilians.

Hernandez, who is 41 years old, was left with abrasion to his arms and back. According to The Independent, “Officer Dennis Hickman was called to the scene and observed that Mr Hernandez, who speaks very little English, was suffering from wounds consistent with being dragged by a motor vehicle.” Brooks denied the allegations, and claimed that her boyfriend had jumped on the hood of the car himself then fell off.  Officer Hickman decided the evidence did not support that story, so arrested Brooks and took her to the Kingsport jail. I’m sorry, but, bitch is cray.

[via The Independent]