On this stop of the Internets Celebrities new web series, “The Food Warriors,” hosts Dallas and Rafi poll locals on the best place to eat near the West 4th Street A train station in NYC. The guerrilla filmmakers set out in hopes to “find some NYU students, some hippies, some weirdos, some basketball players, and some tattoo freaks. Let’s find out how the locals do it.” The locals recommend Joe’s pizza, Pearl Oyster Bar, Spunto, Mamoun’s, and Nedick’s.

“There’s a Nedick’s on the corner,” says one passerby.

“I want to give you a hug,” Dallas tells the man.

“No, don’t bother,” he says.

“There’s no one else in the world that remembers Nedick’s,” Dallas replies.

“That’s what its name is, why wouldn’t i call it that?” questions the man.

“It’s called Gray’s Papaya now,” answers Dallas.

“Oh, please.”

After this fantastic exchange, Dallas and Rafi have to narrow down the nominated spots. Spunto seems to be where most of the locals head. But, wait—Spunto won’t let the duo film inside.

Plan B: head to Victory Gardens down the street for goat milk soft serve ice cream. Dallas opts for the tangy goat milk flavor, while Rafi chooses a twist of chocolate rosemary and salted caramel. “Who knew that goats produced such a tasty milk?” asks Rafi. “You know why this is so good? Because this goat milk is actually pulled from a goat’s udder by other goats who have hands,” says Dallas. That’s the creepiest f*cking this we’ve heard all morning, but somehow we still believe him.

Victory Gardens, 31 Carmine Street (212-206-7273)