On this stop of the Internets Celebrities new web series, “The Food Warriors,” hosts Dallas and Rafi poll locals on the best place to eat near the 168th Street A train station in NYC. The “guerrilla filmmakers” ask doctors in scrubs, kids hanging on stoops, old Jewish men, and cops—who seem to all go to the same four places to feast: Coogan’s, Malecon, Antika Pizzeria, and El Presidente.

El Presidente beats out the others for most mentions, so Dallas and Rafi head to the 165th Street Dominican diner. The two order tostones and maduros (fried green and sweet plantains) to start, followed by a big plate of pernil con cuerito (roast pork with skin) with a side of rice and beans. The neighborhood’s large Dominican population means there’s an abundance of stellar Dominican options, and El Presidente is among them.

We’re excited to see what train station the hosts head to next. Keep up with The Food Warriors web series to find out the best places to eat in the various hoods of NYC. These recommendations come straight from locals, so you know they’re going to be on point.

[via YouTube]